Perth Suburbs, Perth City
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Perth Suburbs

View of Perth. Photo: Tourism WA
View of Perth, Photo Tourism WA
King St, downtown Perth. Photo: Tourism WA
King St, downtown Perth
His Majesty's Theatre. Photo: Tourism WA
His Majesty's Theatre
The Bell Tower. Photo: Tourism WA
The Bell Tower. Tourism WA
Beach Volleyball in City Beach. Photo: Tourism WA
Beach Volleyball in City Beach
Golfing at the Vines. Photo: Tourism WA
Golfing at the Vines"

Perth is the capital of Western Australia and is the most isolated city in the world with a population of approximately 1.5 million people. Perth's metropolitan suburbs area stretches 125kms of beaches along the Indian Ocean between Yanchep and Mandurah. Perth is famous for its sandy white beaches and the people who live here for having some of the most laid back attitude and lifestyle in all of Australia.

In 1829 Captain James Stirling founded and established Perth. It was formally known as the Swan River Colony by British settlers. There is some magnificent history to be discovered here such as Aboriginals inhabited the foreshore of the swan river before colonisation.

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