Cooktown Queensland
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Aboriginies at Landing in Cooktown
Aboriginies at Landing. Tourism Queensland
Beach at Finch Bay in Cooktown
Beach at Finch Bay, Cooktown. Tourism QLD
Cooktown Miner Statute
Cooktown Miner Statute. Tourism QLD
Lighthouse in Cooktown
Lighthouse in Cooktown. Tourism Queensland
Ribbon Reef Island off Cooktown
Ribbon Reef Island, Cooktown. Tourism QLD
4WD River Crossing in Cooktown
4WD River Crossing in Cooktown. Tourism QLD
Rock Art Aboriginal Tour, Cooktown
Aboriginal Rock Art. Cooktown, QLD
Cooktown National Park
Spectacular View of Cooktown National Park

Cooktown Information

Cooktown, Queensland is a small town of about 2000 people and was established in 1873 when William Hann discovered gold at the Palmer River.

The Second World War saw Cooktown became a very important base for the war effort. At one stage some 20,000 Australian and American troops were stationed here to stop the Japanese expansion. During this turmoil time many Aboriginal people were moved from their traditional land and many died.

Today Cooktown is a great tourist town where there is a harmonious relationship between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal residents. The Mulligan Highway connects Cairns and Cooktown and there are two flights a day here for tourists who prefer flying to driving.

Visitors will enjoy a very tropical environment with a rich history to explore. The Great Barrier Reef Is the main drawcard for attraction tourists in particular Ribbon Reef that is one of the best reefs to explore anywhere in the world.

Botanists from all over the world come to Cooktown to see the extensive collection of local plants and species. Cooktown is also the beginning of the Bicentennial Heritage Trail which is the longest heritage trail in the world.

There are endless activities in Cooktown fishing, sailing, diving, golfing, horse riding, tours, walking trails, waterfalls, lagoons, gardens, national parks, history trails, monuments, museums and plane sailing just to mention a few.

There are so many beaches to choose from. The most popular are Finch Bay, Elim Beach, Archer point, Cherry Tree Bay, Coloured Sands, Quarantine Bay and the North Shore. To explore all you may need to extend your holiday.

One experience you definitely donít want to miss is going on a truly Australian Aboriginal tour. You will learn a lot of history and culture of the native Aboriginal people.

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View of Cooktown Main Street
Top End Pub in Main Street of Cooktown. Photo Tourism Queensland
Ribbon Reef off Cooktown, Great Barrier Reef
Ribbon Reef off Cooktown. in the Great Barrier Reef. Tourism Queensland