Townsville Queensland
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Magnetic Island off Townsville
Magnetic Island off Townsville. Tourism QLD
Breakwater Marina in Townsville QLD
Breakwater Marina in Townsville. Tourism QLD
Concrete Fish Statute in Townsville
Fish Statute on Foreshore ot Townsville QLD
World Theatre Heritage Restauraunt Townsville
World Theatre Heritage Restauraunt Townsville
Entrance Sign to Townsville
Entrance Sign Entering Townsville, Queensland
Beach Sunet in Townsville
Beach Sunet in Townsville. Tourism QLD
The Strand Jetty Townsville
The Strand Jetty in Townsville QLD
Wallman falls near Townsville
Wallman falls near Townsville. Tourism QLD

Townsville Queensland

Townsville, located in the far north of Queensland, is a breathtaking holiday destination. Nowhere else in the world will you find a place able to boast a stunning full-of-life rainforest, beautiful white sandy beaches, unique reef life, magnificent outback bush, as well as the benefits of a big city.

The Strand, Townsville’s 2.5 kilometers long beach is a favorite spot for locals and tourists and offers views over Cleveland Bay and Magnetic Island. Five more beaches stretch another 60 kilometers north and are a perfect getaway.

Magnetic Island, known as Maggie to the locals, is a short ferry ride away from Townsville Pier and is positioned in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. Over 23 bays and beaches are free for exploration and an array of unique birdlife can been found along with over 2,000 wild koalas.

Snorkeling is a popular activity along the reef and many companies offer boat and snorkel gear hire. Another option is to hire a boat driver as well and have them take you to catch a glimpse of Australia’s marine wildlife including dugongs and whales.

To the north side of Townsville you will escape the coast and enter the wet tropics. The Mount Spec National Park is located in the southern-most point of the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area and is 1,000 meters above sea level. Relax here at one of many cafes, arts and crafts centers, do some bird watching or trek along a large network of rainforest walks.

On the west of Townsville is the heritage land of Australia. Abundant in history and gold, the climate again changes to the dry heat of the outback. Many tours are available and there is a lot to be learnt about the pioneering days.

The Townsville CBD offers accommodation to suit all budgets, as well as restaurants, cafes, tourist information and art galleries.

Townsville tourist attractions are brought to you by World Holiday Destinations. Book your Townsville Accommodation.

Horseshoe Bay Beach in Townsville Queensland
Horseshoe Bay in Townsville Queensland, Photo Tourism QLD
View of The Strand in Townsville QLD
View of the Strand in Townsville. Photo Tourism Queensland