Geraldton Western Australia
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Alfrescoe Cafe, Marine terrace
alfrescoe Cafe, Marine terrace
Coalseam Conservation Park, East Geraldton
Coalseam Conservation park, East Geraldton
HMAS Sydney Memorial, Geraldton
HMAS Sydney Memorial, Geraldton
Freemason Hotel. Photo Tourism WA
Freemasons Hotel. Photo Tourism WA
Museum in Geraldton
Museum in Geraldton
Point Moore Lighthouse
Point Moore Lighthouse
St Francis Xavier Cathedral
St Francis Xavier Cathedral
The Marine Terrace Mall
The marine Terrace Mall

Geraldton Information

Geraldton’s pristine beaches are a Mecca for windsurfers, kite surfers and aquatic lovers. Directly across the sea lay the mysterious Houtman Abrolhos Islands – scene of the famous Batavia mutiny and home to one of nature’s most spectacular marine areas.

Magnificently Mediterranean, our city is perfect to visit all year round. You’ll find mild winters, balmy autumn evenings, summers cooled by regular sea breezes and spring bursting with the freshness of wildflowers blooming under perfect blue skies.

The city of Geraldton-Greenough boasts a mix of amazing attractions, beautiful natural scenery, waterfront restaurants and the two most northerly wineries in Western Australia.


First settled in 1850, Geraldton-Greenough was originally named after the then Governor of Western Australia Sir Charles Fitzgerald. The area had attracted interest from Lieutenant Grey as possessing fertile farming land and presented a natural port from which to ship lead being mined in Northampton, 50 km to the north. The name Batavia Coast comes from the story of the Dutch East Indies Ship, the Batavia which ran aground at the Abrolhos Islands on June 4th, 1629. The mutiny that followed is now a part of Australian folklore


* Windsurfing is a must

* Snorkeling and diving

* Kite surfing

* Visit the biggest crayfish factory in Western Australia

* Go dirt bike riding

* Fishing, especially off the geraldton jetty

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Western Australian Museum in Geraldton. Photo Tourism WA
Western Australian Museum in Geraldton. Photo tourism WA
Freemasons hotel in Geraldton. Photo Tourism WA
Freemasons hotel in Geraldton. Photo Tourism WA