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World Holiday Destinations -Advertising information

We have the pleasure to introduce to you a new way for marketing your own website directly towards tourists and holidaymakers.

An important and intrical part of Search Engine Optimisation for your own website is to get listed with many great tourism websites that have good content such as ours. World Holiday destinations has been designed with this in mind and any good SEO person can tell you that it will only benefit your own website to be listed with us as we offer the largest adverts online that link to you directly to your own website when you clicking the advert.

Many visitors to our website feel that the World Holiday Destinations website is colourful, easy to use and navigate and more importantly looks fantastic. How often have you seen a travel website and found it difficult to find a place that interests you?.

If you are in the business of Accommodation, Tourist Activities or the Restaurant industry we invite you to act now and advertise on our website before its too late (as we only offer a limited number of positions on our site). To get listed you need a large graphic designes advert made 390px by 390px (see New Zealand places for example)

We are exclusive and the only website in the world to offer the biggest advertisements online with a limited number of advertisers per category to give you a competitive edge for your advertising dollar.

A great feature about advertising on World Holiday Destinationsa is that we don't clip bookings, charge commission fees or worse still book people for you making problems if you happen to be overbooked already. We understand that you would like to have control over who comes to your establishment giving you 100% control, security and peace of mind. You will notice that when people click an advertisement on the World Holiday Destinations website it goes directly to the advertisers own website. As you have a website we want it to work for you better and send you more traffic without the ongoing costs so why not join today?.

Eden Park, Auckland NZ
Eden Park Auckland, NZ
Trafalgar Square, London UK
Trafalgar Square, london UK
False Monaie, Marseille France
False Monaie, Marseille France
View from Mount Maunganui, NZ
View from Mount Maunganui, NZ
Boa Viagem Beach, Recife Brazil
Boa Viagem Beach, Recife Brazil

Commonly Asked Questions.....

Q) How much is the cost?

A) That all depends if you wanted to send through an advert ready made for us to upload or you need our graphic designer to do the advert for you (390px by 390px). Either way, it is very affordable and only a one time fee to be listed with us (click our advertising prices page above).

Q) How long will I be listed?

A) You will be listed permanently for as long as your business operates and has a website to link to. We pride ourselves in not charging yearly fees and helping out those who already have a website.

Q) What about commission charges?

A) World Holiday Destinations does not charge commission fees on the bookings you get as we think it is unfair for websites to be constantly charging you fees adding to the consumer price for the service you offer.

Q) What if my area is already sold out for the spots?

A) Unfortunately opportunity has already passed you by. If you have a business that deals in more than one category then you may want to decide to go for that. A good example is an accommodation business that has a restaurant.

Q) What if I own more than one business and want multible spots?

A) We can discuss with you a reduced rate. It all depends on how many spots you would like.

Q) When do I pay for my advert and advertising?

A) You only pay once your advert is live on the site to ensure you are satisfied.

Q) If I update my own website will that affect the advert online?

A) No. All changes that you make to your own website will be uneffected as the advert links to your own domain name directly (remember our listings are all about getting prople onto your own website).

Q) What if I prefer to pay per click or page impressions?

A) We don't operate that way. There are plenty of other companies that will help you with that like Google, Yahoo and many others. Also bear in mind that if you only pay just $1 or $0.50 per visit they add up quickly. If this is how you prefer to go then simply sign in to Google adwords (you can also nominate our site if you like as we too are an accredited Google publisher).

Q) What if I would like to supply my own advertisement?

A) That's fantastic and we will reward you by giving you a discount.

Q) How do I contact you?

A) See tab Contact us today at top of the page.