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Australia is the smallest continent yet the largest island in the world with a population of 23 million people. For thousands of years Australia was inhabited by the Aboriginal people before British settlement when a group of ships, known as the “First Fleet” under Captain Arthur Phillip, came to Sydney Cove, Port Jackson in New South Wales to establish a penal colony. A camp was set up on the 26th day of January 1788 a day that became Australia’s national day known as “Australia Day”.

Australia is a fantastic tourist destination that many people have yet to discover. Due to the geographic isolation from the rest of the world many holidaymakers overlook the opportunity to visit Australia for somewhere closer to where they live, when in fact Australia is one of the best holiday places on Earth with the best beaches and climate all year round. If you are reading this from another country then ask yourself this, why don’t I visit Australia next as my holiday destination? Be warned however as many who do come to Australia fall in love with the place making the return trip back home a somewhat sad experience. (Continued Below)

Australia Map Western Australia Northern Territory South Australia Queensland New South Wales Victoria Tasmania

The country is 7.69 million square kilometres in size and broken down into six states and two territories with Western Australia being the largest state that is more than ten times the size of the United Kingdom alone. It can often be a difficult task choosing the first place to see in Australia as there are so many great choices and different experiences that we hope this tourism website can assist you with your decision (click a state on map above).

Australia is more than just a few Kangaroos hoping around and cuddly Koala’s sleeping in trees. Many may recognise and remember the world famous movie Crocodile Dundee with Paul Hogan, and Australia is actually just like that in real life, that is if you go to the remote outback towns in the Northern Territory (NT). Darwin is the capital of the NT and a great place indeed being beautifully warm all year round, it is also the gateway to nature areas like the Litchfield and Kakadu National parks that are packed with wildlife. If you are looking for Charlie the water buffalo from the Crocodile Dundee movie then visit the pub in Adelaide River where he stands stuffed awaiting your arrival.

Northern Territory isn’t the only place in Australia that one can have a great outback holiday with every other state of Australia offering different nature experiences as well. Go on an Aboriginal Eco Tour, ride a camel on the beach in Broome, snorkel on the Great Barrier reef in Queensland, see the twelve apostles in Victoria or visit the snowy mountains in New South Wales to go skiing the choices are vast and endless.

Australia offers more than just outback towns and nature experiences, so take the time to discover some of the Australia’s popular cities. Many think of famous landmarks like Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge but there is more if you scratch the surface like the city Melbourne for example that doesn’t have the landmarks but is known for its culture and the place to be for sport, music, arts and fashion. If you are lucky enough to be in Melbourne in wintertime then why not visit the MCG and watch a game of Australian Rules Football and support Collingwood known as the Magpies.

If you have the time, then a experience not to miss is the Nullarbor drive to see the Great Australian Bight. There is something magical about being on Highway 1 and feeling the remoteness not to mention that the Eyre Highway has a section that includes the longest straight stretch of road in the world being 146.6 kilometres (91.1 miles) long.

For more holiday places in Australia please click a state then any place on the maps so you can see what towns are like or if you want you more Australian holiday information you may want to visit the official Australian tourism website, Tourism Australia.