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Brazil or as officially known, the Federative Republic of Brazil is the largest country in South America with a predominant Portuguese speaking language and 200 million people in population. The Portuguese officially claimed Brazil in April 1500 when Pedros Alvares Cabaral first landed on the shores of South America.

Covering nearly the 60 percent of the mainland of South America, Brazil is a top tourist destination and made famous for its predominant tourist city Rio de Janeiro that attracts nearly 1.8 million tourists every year.

The capital of Brazil is Brasilia that is one of the most unique cities in the world for its ultra modern architecture. The city was first founded in 1956, so with a short space of less than 60 years Brasilia has gone from nothing to being the fourth largest city in Brazil and its ultra modern architecture have made it a UNESCO World heritage site.

One of the most famous landmarks found in Brazil is Christ the Redeemer statute located in Rio de Janeiro. Perched 700 metres high on the top of the Corcovado Mountain, the statues is the most visited attraction in all of Brazil with almost every tourist arriving in Brazil seeing the famous statute. Rio de Janeiro is also most recognised for its annual event not to miss being the Rio de Janeiro carnival.

Brazil with its warm tropical climate also has some of the best beaches ideal for swimming, diving and sunbathing. Salvador and Recife are two such examples with many tourist and travellers making their way to both city’s for the beach lifestyle while being in a vibrant lively atmosphere with plenty to do on their holiday.

For a hidden gem, the 21 Brazilian islands in the archipelago off the mainland of Brazil are a must see paradise. Fernando de Noronha is the most popular spot with its wonderful beaches surrounding the island rating as one of the best holiday places in the world. Fernando de Norohna is a Mecca for diving enthusiasts as the waters give up to 50 metres of underwater visibility making it one of the world's best diving places.

Nature lovers are also drawn to Brazil for the world famous Amazon River that is the world’s largest river in terms of volume. The Amazon contains half of the planets rainforest with the most diverse species of fish and tropical animals. A boating tour upriver of the Amazon can be one of the most wonderful experiences you will ever have in your lifetime.

Another of Brazil’s most spectacular natural wonders is Iquaçu Falls. Situated on the boarder between Brazil and Argentina the falls are most impressive for the Devil’s throat that is a U-shaped fall with an 82-meter drop. The best way to travel to the falls is from the city of Foz do lgaçu in Brazil.