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Italy, officially known as the Italian Republic is one of Europe’s most visited tourist countries with nearly 43 million visitors a year coming to see the awesome beauty and heritage Italy has to offer.

The first thought of the word Italy in many people conjures up the thought of the Roman Empire era and Julius Cesar that once saw the country as the leading powerhouse in Europe between 26 BC to AD 476 with a population back then of 56 million people. It is amazing to discover that in 2013 with a major land mass reduction the country today has in excess of 60 million people surpassing the population of the Roman times.

Italy has remained as a great nation with many heritage places of the past still perfectly intact unlike many other European cities that throughout the Second World War lost part of their heritage due to our human destructive behaviour. The city of Rome is famous for this example as the old Roman Colosseum constructed back in 70 AD still intact and one of Italy’s most famous tourist attractions with many thousands of tourists coming to Italy to see the inside of the world famous Colosseum.

The economy is also dong well with Italy being the tenth largest economy in the world thanks mainly to tourism, its fashion dominance with places like Milan (The fashion capital of the world) and the great manufacturing industry producing the likes of some of the best motor vehicles in the world like Ferrari, Maserati and Lamborghinis.

Many international tourists make their first destination starting point in the city of Rome that has many tourist attractions. Apart from the famous colosseum the other great places to see include the Trevi Fountain, St Peter’s Basilica, the Spanish steps, Castel Sant’Angelo, Trastevere and Piazza Navona.

Outside the city of Rome there are many other great tourist cities not to miss including a stop to Milan, which is internationally known as the fashion capital of the world, Venice that is recognised for its famous gondolas and canals and Naples that is ranked as one of the oldest cities in the western world with historic buildings and sites spread throughout the city.

Another great city not to miss when visiting Italy is Genoa or commonly known as Genova in western society that is fascinating for anyone interested in medieval maritime architecture and the city is abundant in wealth and diversity making any holiday vacation an exciting visit.

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