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Japan is an archipelago of islands with the world’s tenth largest population of around 130 million people. The country is also known as Nippon-koku, which means the island state, and the characters that make up Japan when translated mean “Sun Origin” and that is why sometimes the county is referred to as “The Land of the Rising Sun”.

The Japanese people area highly intelligent and renowned worldwide for their technology and engineering brilliance. Although the country lack in mining and mineral production, Japan’s manufacturing industry make it the third largest economy in the world in terms of GDP.

The history of Japan is unique and dates back to 30,000 BC where during the Japanese Paleolithic period the earliest stone tools were found by archaeologists. The polished ground stone tools are the oldest known tools found in the world and can be seen at the Tokyo National Museum.

Japan's capital Tokyo is the most popular city with tourists and listed as the seventh most visited holiday destination in the world. Tokyo is renowned for liveliness and action with all hours of day and night seeing the city abuzz with people roaming around. Other populated cities in Japan tourists like to visit include Yokohama, Osaka, Nagoya, Sapporo and Kyoto that is worldwide known as one of the most beautiful places in Japan.

Although language barriers can sometimes be an issue with English speaking holidaymakers it is well worthwhile the effort to explore Japan outside the major capital cities. Kamakura is one such example being only a short trip away from Tokyo that is a fantastic tourist attraction with many historical buildings throughout the city and home to an old age temple dating back some 1,200 years.

Osaka Castle is a hit tourist attraction not to miss when visiting Japan. The castle is one of the counties best landmarks and dates back to 1583 symbolising the power and fortune of Toyotomi Hideyoshi the great general and politician of Sengokku the unified the Japanese people.

Another great place to see in Japan is the Golden Pavilion Temple known as Kinkaku-ji that ranks as one of Japan’s most famous tourist attraction. Located in Kyoto, the temple was founded in 1397 by Ashikaga Yoshimitsu and is set amongst one of the best Japanese garden designs in the county.

The best annual events to see in Japan are the Cherry Blossom festivals that are looked forward to by the Japanese people with great expectation. Throughout the southernmost section of the country in spring from end January to early May there are viewing parties and day trips to with over 2,000 varieties of blooming trees to see to leave a lasting memory for any tourist or holidaymaker.