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United Kingdom (UK)

The United Kingdom also commonly known as Britain is a sovereign state encompassing the four main countries in the region being England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The UK has a parliamentary system but is more famously known for its constitutional monarchy with Queen Elizabeth II being the head of the Commonwealth realms.

The UK is the worlds 8th largest economy in terms of purchasing power and one of the biggest in the European region. The local currency known as the British pound is also the strongest currency in the world surpassing that of the Euro in currency exchange rates.

Tourism is a major contributor to the economy of the United Kingdom with more than 10 million overseas travellers visiting the region each year. Most international visitors coming to the UK arrive at the famous London Heathrow airport that is the third busiest airport in the world but leads the way as the number one airport in terms of international travellers.

Arriving at Englandís capital, London there are many great tourist places to see and experience with many visitors making the Royal Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and the House of parliament one of their first stops for sightseeing on their holiday. Travelling outside London there are many more great holiday cities with Manchester, Birmingham, Brighton and Liverpool being some of the most popular destinations. More info on England can be found at the England tourism website.

Another great place to see in the United Kingdom is the country of Wales with its capital Cardiff offering a hot tourist attraction for the likes of Cardiff Castle that was built in the 11th century on top of an old Roman fort. To find out more about see the Wales tourism website.

Travelling north in the UK is the country of Scotland with its capital Edinburgh and the largest city Glasgow offering another unique holiday experience. Coming to Scotland you will notice the people still speaking English however with an accent that is quaint and interesting to say the likes. When visiting Scotland you might also want to try to eat the world famous Scottish Haggis dish. To find out more about Scotland you may also want to see official Scotland tourism website.

Lying off the mainland of the United Kingdom is Northern Ireland, which is the last part, incorporated in the UK. Itís capital Belfast is another great holiday place to see in particular the city of Belfast that although has had bad rap in the past is actually a very fascinating holiday place to experience.

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