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United States of America (USA)

Welcome to the United States of America (also known as USA, America, The States, US), one of the most recognisable countries on the planet and the second most visited tourist destination in the world with over 67 million visitors coming to the US every year.

Comprising of 50 states and a federal district it is well known for being the world’s biggest super power, both in military might and economic power contributing significantly to the world economy. More than 330 million people call the USA home, making it the third most populated country on Earth. Many refer to the US as the “land of dreams” where freedom and free speech form part of its constitution and the opportunity still exists to make something for ones self. (Continued Below)

The first inhabitants of the USA were Native Americans prior to European settlement. The Spaniard Christopher Columbus was one of the first to discover America and set up small settlements in New Mexico and Florida around 1492. In 1732 the British formed 13 colonies in what would become officially known as the United States of America. From there on, the USA has had a somewhat colourful history with its war against Native Americans, civil war against its own people and of course the war against the British Empire that lead to its Independence in 1776. This day of victory is known as “Independence Day “ and the 4th of July marks the most celebrated holiday anniversary for all Americans.

On first impressions, the US is a country made up of countless high-rise mega cities and yes you could spend several holidays just trying to discover them all. It is not only the cities however that attract the tourists, but the vast array of wildlife and parks such as Yellowstone National Park, Grand Canyon, Florida Everglades, Death Valley, Niagara Falls, Redwoods and Mammoth Cave being just a few of the many natural wonders.

Of course when it comes to the big cities on the mainland, many tourist have their own individual bucket list of the ones they need to see. Two on the East Coast and more than likely on everyone’s list include the city that never sleeps, New York and Washington DC, it’s official capital where the White House is. On the West Coast California is extremely popular to see Los Angeles, Hollywood and San Francisco. Of course if you like gambling then who can’t afford to miss the Las Vegas or sin city as its known.

In coming to America it’s all about what you would like to experience on your holiday. Families will have their children screaming Disneyland and it’s this reason Orlando Florida is so popular. Memphis is the home of Elvis, New Orleans the birthplace of Jazz, Minneapolis for speedway, Minnesota for lakes, the list just goes on and on.

There are also plenty of great holiday destinations in the USA off the Mainland including the Hawaii islands with its capital Honolulu attracting beach lovers and Alaska one of the coldest places in the US but with the most amounts of wildlife and unpopulated spots to go on holiday.

For more holiday information on different places in the United States of America, just click a town on the map and enjoy your travels.